Friday, October 16, 2009

Classic example of bad parenting

Dear Dad

What were you thinking? How did performing a circumcision on your defenceless four year old son with a razor and no freezing agent seem like a good idea? Of all the things to get in your crazy head - this is it? So, after a series of misfortunes, you decide that the only way to make things right with God is to circumcise you and your son -really? Was there no fattened calf to offer at the alter?

What I don't get is how, after botching your own (penis turned black, only able to cut half of the foreskin off, can't stop bleeding) you decide to still circumcise your son. I loved that you researched this on the Internet, read the bible and listened to the radio to learn how to perform this surgery. And it was very considerate of you to ask your 4 year old if you could perform this procedure as we all know how rational children are at that age, especially when you promise ice cream and being allowed to watch any movie the child desires for a week. Hell, I'd say yes!

And your defence is religious freedom. Here is my thought: go ahead and do what you want to your body. Feel free to cut off whatever piece you think God may want -slice away! However, hands off your son. I am wondering where mom was during all this because I have to say that if this happened in my house....yea, it wouldn't have. Said man would have been kicked to the curb with his trusty bible way before we would have gotten to the planning stage.

In the future, if in doubt, ask yourself: What would Jesus do? Because I have to say, I don't think he would have done that....I really don't.

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