Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What I found sad

A random headline caught my eye, "Former American Idol Contestant Found Dead"; and so, like any morbidly curious person, I clicked and learnt that "Glitter Girl" Alexis Cohen was found dead by the side of the road, a victim of a hit-and-run. Two pedestrians found her body. Who was this young woman? She appeared twice on American Idol during the audition cycle - she was erratic, volatile, eccentric - a freak show. People could laugh at her antics, shake their heads in disbelief as she proclaimed herself to be the next American Idol.....and then when she came back the next year! What a sucker for punishment! It was so bad it was funny - comical even. Right?

I just find it incredibly sad that in the end, she was found dead, alone, at 4am, by the side of the road, like an animal, by two strangers who just happened upon her. This was some one's daughter, some one's child - I find that sad.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For the record....

I do not lay awake wondering:

  • Was Michael Jackson gay?
  • Was he murdered?
  • Did he have both anorexia and bulimia?
  • Is he the biological father to all or any of his children?
  • Will A & E put the Jackson reality show on air that they were filming before his death?
  • How many pills was he taking daily?
  • What is his estate worth?
  • Will Debbie Rowe seek custody of the two older children?

What I do lay awake worrying about:

  • What the hell is going on in North Korea?
  • Will the Swine flu be as big as 1918?
  • Will my son have a happy life?
  • How can I make sure my son has a happy life?
  • Will the economy collapse?
  • Could we loose our jobs?
  • Is this it?
  • How much longer can Earth really sustain the population?

And finally:

  • Will the Republicans really pick Sarah Palin as their candidate in the 2012 elections? I fear that that could be the signal for the end of the world......

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Now that's a headline

Sifting through the various headlines, foxnews.com caught my eye with

Marcia Brady' Says Television Sister 'Jan' Won't Talk to Her Over 'Lesbian Love Affair'

Now that's a headline! Leave it to Fox News to break that story wide open! I was intrigued to see what other juicy tidbits they could feed me and here is what I found:

Report: Shauna Sand Cheated on Lorenzo Lamas With His Son

Nice. For those of you who can't remember, Lorenzo starred that '80s show on the estate, Falcon Crest, I think. He is now reduced to a headline about being cuckolded by his wife and 18 year old son....have a feeling that wasn't a plot line in FC - or was it?

'Harry Potter' Star Could Face 14 Years for Growing Marijuana Farm

I was curious - was it one of the Weasleys? Perhaps George or Fred? Nope, it was a Slytherin - the kid that plays Crabbe, Malfoy's henchman. The real question is, did Harry buy any? Perhaps "magic" is just another word for hallucinogenic.

And finally, un-entertainment related...

Factory Worker Dies After Falling Into Vat of Chocolate

See? Death by chocolate does exist.....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A new variation of my name

I had to call someone at work today; and when I said my name, the person said, "I'm sorry, did you say Susan?" Hmmmmm, Eden / Susan - I can see how you could get the two confused...........I didn't even bother with my helpful, "like the garden....." oh wait, I did; however, even that was lost on her and l just gave up and finally said, "yes, Susan I am". I have been renamed.

What I would give to be a one hit wonder....

I am always amazed by how we criticize someone who doesn't place in the Olympics, who was nominated for an Oscar but didn't win, or who had one hit song but never did anything else. And what have you done lately?

The reality is, the mass majority of us will never achieve such success. I, for one, will probably never intoxicate the world with a song that causes hoards of people to download and sing my creation. I will probably never star, co-star, or have a cameo in a film. I am pretty sure I will never be signed to the NHL for a second-string team. Nena's 99 Luftballoons is iconic - and what have you done lately?

We just love to diminish and criticize.....Sally Kirkland, anyone?

What I wouldn't give to be a one hit wonder.....with killer royalties