Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Tiger in bed

So Tiger Woods has been caught with his pants down as it was revealed to all the world that he cheated on his wife with a twenty-something cocktail waitress. Pardon me as I yawn through the cliches. Another idol/sports star/American icon engaging in the age-old tradition of an extra-marital affiar. Some are outraged, saying he has failed his fans. That he should loose his sponsors. That he is an embarrassment.

Um, get a life? I am not saying that what he did was okay - he screwed around on his wife. Whats quite sad, in my mind, is that he did it during her pregnancies (not one child but two)- so he had his cake and ate out too. Yea, its disappointing when you see someone who has it all, and seems like he deserves it, basically shit it away with poor choices; however, should he now be vilified?

When I was growing up, I adored Jimmy Steward (which is a bit odd on its own, I know); and my mom used to give me grief because he was a fighter pilot in WWII and supported the bombing of Hiroshima. Or she would tell me how the cardigan-wearing crooner Bing Crosby used to beat his kids. I remember telling my mom that what I appreciated and admired about Jimmy and Bing wasn't the person but their unique talent. Were they douche bags? Maybe, I don't know; however, were they talented? Without question.

So Tiger cheated on his wife. Repeatedly. Should I care? Should I question his character and make a judgement? Or should I spend some time thinking about how many soldiers have died in Afghanastan and leaving the judging to Elin? I think you have your answer.

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